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Railway backscenes 3.7m long Custom made Please call for your requirements As used by Colin Lockyer, Click the pictures for his blog

I always find backscene's a bit of an issue, what to do and what will fit. Trying not to have roads running off in to fields and river's end up running in to a house or wall. Trying to disguise this in some way with a tree or such like can be difficult

 A chat with a guy who has now become a good pal who turned out to be a phographer, can this actually be done, oh yes it can, he says,  (oh know it can.... moving on) tell me what you want and i will sort something out for you. After a visit to a local viewpoint, (it twas a bit misty that day looking out on them there hills).  i think this has greatly added to the effect, it really looks as if you are looking in to the distance, he came up with what i can only describe as remarkable. Yes it's bits and more bits Photoshoped together.You can find his site Here, he's called Alan

        He knows what you are looking for and also knows stuff about trains. Your not going to get a Bespoke backscene for 30quid but if your looking for something special it's worth looking in to, you'll pay 100 odd quid for an engine but don't leave that backscene at the back, bring out in the open and make it a big part of your layout. You know it deserve's it, what would  it be if  Carlsberg  made one ????

These are custom made. Taking hours of work to enhance your skills Each panorama  Style back drop made  To order. Stitching High quality Photographs to your  requirements No more Roads,paths, Rivers Suddenly  stopping “ “